Making Rehab Work for You?

The National Treatment Agency state that residential treatment is one of the most beneficial forms of treatment for people with comorbidity – have both mental health and addiction problems. One of the main benefits of residential treatment is having the opportunity, in safe place away from the substance, to talk about those experiences, life events, and trauma for which the substance has become the solution.

We believe for someone to have the best opportunity we need to to work together. We will work hard at creating a safe place, without judgment or blame. We will seek to listen, understand, and facilitate therapy sessions that will encourage you to find solutions with others. We will design a treatment plan with you, one that is unique for you and you can own.

For you, it will be important that you are ready to begin this journey, and that you have come to the decision that you want something different in your life. You will need to be ready to take a risk to be open and honest, and that you have come to recognise you need to begin to take responsibility for past decisions, and want to think about how you can make better decisions. It is also important to realise that Carlisle House is based on a Group Therapy model, and that you will be part of a small group, working together, reflecting, learning from each other and exploring alternative solutions.

Places at Carlisle House Residential Treatment Programme are limited so you may get only one chance. Make sure you can say to yourself – yes it is the right time, the right place, the right programme, and I am ready to do this. Talk to us. Come to an Open Morning. Find out as much as you can before you make the decision.

Seek support for yourself or a family member

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