Post Programme Support

Carlisle House recognises the importance of support and therapeutic intervention Post Programme. A variety of supports are available.

To be able to attend these the individual must have previously engaged with the Services provided by Carlisle House. People who have engaged in other Residential Treatment Centres outside of Belfast may be able to attend these Supports. If interested you should ask the Treatment Centre you engaged with to contact us directly.

RECONNECT Support Group

This support group meets weekly on Monday Evenings at 6pm.  Topics that are relevant to the groups recovery journey are discussed.


Family Therapy

Family therapy can continue up to a maximum of 12 sessions. This can be helpful as families seek to support the individual post programme, as well as negoitating the transition and readjusting to the changes that the absence of substances can create. 

Individual Therapy

Counselling can continue, up to 12 sessions, following the completion of the Residential Therapeutic Treatment Programme. It offers the opportunity to continue personal work in a safe environment.

Spin Class

We believe exercise can be vital to maintaining recovery. This is an opportunity to enagage in regular exercice in a safe and familiar setting. These classes are run by Carlisle House Volunteers, who have been trained as Fitness Instructors and Spin Class Instructors.