Group Therapy

One of the most valuable benefits of engaging in group therapy is that it allows you to realise you are not alone. Group Therapists will facilitate groups to encourage you to give and receive feedback, and to promote a sense of belonging, validating your experiences. Ultimately we believe groups can instil hope. Often group members become models of hope for each other.

Group Therapy aims to help people create constructive ways to finding solutions to life’s challenges and the difficulties. At the centre of this approach is a focus on the Groups’ strengths and shared expertise, and the Groups’ ability to discover their own solutions.

Each group therapy session will consist of 6-8 people who have begun the programme around the same time as yourself. There is no expectation as to how much you share in group therapy, however the groups are facilitated in way that will encourage and help you to share at your own pace. As you go through the programme the groups will become more challenging, and will encourage you to explore those difficult life experiences and relationships, for which the substance has become a solution.

Service User's Comments

Things have changed so much in 6 weeks. It has been intense and I’ve talked about things I have always avoided. I couldn’t have done this in the community

The bonding of the small groups was so helpful. For the first time in a long time my voice was ‘heard’. Others sharing their experiences made me think about my life and what I want, and want to get out of it