Individual Therapy

Carlisle House offers Individual Counselling as an integral component of the Residential Therapeutic Treatment Programme. Individual Counselling provides the opportunity to talk about things that may be initially too difficult to talk about in a group therapy session. It can help discover and find solutions to living more resourcefully towards greater well being.

Counselling is an activity where a qualified and professionally supported person engages with another person, through a purposeful and professional relationship. A Counsellor may use one or more theoretical and evidence based models to engage in a process of active listening and dialogue, with a view to finding solutions.

Counselling takes place within a framework of an agreed contract. This contract will agree the difficulties for which counselling has been requested and take place within one hour sessions. We offer a maximum of 12 sessions.

We adhere to the counselling standards set out in The Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. We adhere to the standards of BACP and UKCP.