Making Rehab Work for You?

The National Treatment Agency state that residential treatment is one of the most beneficial forms of treatment for people with comorbidity – have both mental health and addiction problems. One of the main benefits of residential treatment is having the opportunity, in safe place away from the substance, to talk about those experiences, life events, […]

Taking the First Steps

Often when a dependency to a substance or a behaviour, begins to control our lives and the decisions we make, we can feel powerless to change anything. A range of strong emotions can emerge. We can feel isolated, alone or trapped; we can feel guilt and shame; or we just give up and begin to […]

10 steps to avoid relapse

Don’t think I’ll just ‘have one’ Don’t avoid conflict Don’t hide your feelings Don’t pretend you’re OK Don’t isolate yourself Engage in physical exercise Have a structured routine Have a healthy diet Take pride in your appearance Stay close to positive people

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction is something that creeps up on us. There can be many reasons why a substance or a behaviour begins to control our lives and the decisions we make. More often than not the substance or the behaviour starts out as providing us with comfort and courage. It can give us confidence and boost our […]